Safe Streets for All Safety Action Plan

snow covered roads of Saint Paul Island, AlaskaProviding equal and equitable access and improvements to transportation safety is one of the pillars being utilized in the development of the Saint Paul and Saint George Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Action Plan. For transportation related improvements in Saint George and Saint Paul it is important to utilize input from local community members who reside on each island to help in the development of this plan.  Plan development started with the creation of a Safety Action Plan Team (SAPT) that brought together members of each community that are project stakeholders, including members of the city government, public works, public safety, tribal government and school district.  From there facilitation and outreach amongst this SAPT has looked at integrating as much of the community as possible for inclusion of feedback and input into the development of this plan.  The goal of this Action Plan landing page is providing residents in each community, as well as those with vested interests in each community a portal for receiving information and updates in regards to plan development.  Once the plan has been developed and is ready for public review it will be made available through this landing page so please check back periodically for updates in the future.

The results of the Transportation Safety Survey are in!

Thank you for providing your feedback. Your input will be invaluable in developing the SS4A Action Plan for Saint Paul. Click the button below to download the survey results.

In addition to the Survey Results document, Kuna Engineering has developed an interactive web mapping application to show some of the high, medium and low usage routes incorporating feedback provided from the public as locations points (see below)


City of Saint Paul SS4A Action Plan Public Survey Feedback Interactive Map


GIS Dashboard

The Transportation Safety Map below is developed to include transportation infrastructure and existing crash data and crash sites on both Saint Paul and Saint George Island.  Crash locations, severity, date, vehicle type and other supplemental information was provided through information from the City of Saint Paul Public Safety Office and the Saint George Transportation Safety Plan.  Added crash data and useful transportation related information will be added to the Safety Map as it becomes available during the public outreach process and after the site assessment.


Transportation Safety Map

Project Milestones

 December 2023 Project Kick-Off and Planning Team Meeting
 January 2024 SAPT Team Development
 February-March 2024 Public Outreach Process
 April 2024 Public Meeting and Site Assessment
 May-June 2024 Integration of Transportation Safety Data
 June/July 2024 Public Meeting and Site Assessment on Saint George Island Public Meeting rescheduled due to weather
 July 2024 Draft Plan Development
 August-December 2024 Draft Plan Review and Public Input
 January 2025 Final Draft Complete
 February-April 2025 Review and Plan Adoption

Stay Informed

For updates and involvement opportunities on this project and others, please check the project updates and announcements page. A public meeting and site assessment involving community support and input was held by Kuna Engineering on April 16, 2024.  A follow up meeting will be scheduled in Fall 2024 to go over the final plan development.

To reach project staff with questions or comments, contact the project manager:

Joseph Rolfzen
P: (907) 339-6500

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